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Mouse problems

Jan 7, 2011 at 12:48 AM

Hy guyz, Its ajspingvin! Ive got some mouse problems.

In my script i have:

VGAScreen.SetPixel320x200x8(mx, my, 2);

and it works fine, but when I put design in it:

VGAScreen.SetPixel320x200x8(mx, my, 2);

VGAScreen.SetPixel320x200x8(mx+1, my, 2);

VGAScreen.SetPixel320x200x8(mx+2, my, 2);

VGAScreen.SetPixel320x200x8(mx, my+1, 2);

VGAScreen.SetPixel320x200x8(mx, my+2, 2);

It leaves a mouse graphic everywere the mouse goes, its just like paint!