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Aug 13, 2008 at 10:36 PM
I don't know if this is the place to mention this or if it would even help in any development but, I was thinking that eventually Cosmos is going to have to create it's own corlib.dll (mscorlib.dll) implementation that makes the base features work with the OS. I believe that was the same reason Mono was written but customized for the linux kernel, as Microsofts implementation was only for Windows. Anyways, I spent 30 minutes and wrote a short program that takes the ECMA-335 (CLI) CLILibraryTypes.xml file and creates C# source files that provide the class outline and complete documentation. Thus giving 324 C# source files seperated into 8 folders (The BCL and its extensions)(In about 30 seconds). I created this after noticing that ECMA provides an application that does effectivley the same thing but produces word and pdf documents that makes the XML source into a more human readable form. I apolagize for my endless ramblings but if this would be helpful at all please email me at and I will send the source files and release of the program i made. (NOTE: The only errors I could find that were produced in the source files on the BCL enumerations where the member seperators (',') are replaced by line-terminators (';') and the "value__;" member remaining in the BCL enumerations. This is do to the internal data of the CLILibraryTypes.xml file that is used to produce the source.)
Final note: All the files used and created by my program total in about 15MB and takes approx. 45 seconds max on an AMD K6-III 300MHz processor running windows xp, 128-MB of ram and running Visual studio 2008 Pro and several other applications in the background.