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About the Devkit

You may be wondering, "What is this devkit I keep hearing about?!" Its OK, most of us do at the start. This page will help you on your way to understanding what it is and how to use it.

The "devkit" Is the Source Release
What a lot of people don't quite understand is that when we say "devkit", we simply mean "the latest source revision." Understanding this, its quite easy to see that there are no download links for a "devkit", its only referred to. You may download the latest source changeset by viewing the list here, and downloading the latest release. You may browse it here.

Why use the devkit?
The devkit will always be the most up-to-date version of the source, as such you will have the most up-to-par features of Cosmos. It is updated much more than normal releases.

Hacking the devkit?
YES. This is an open source project, and is licensed under the New BSD License - one of the most permissive OSI licenses. You can download the source and modify it to your needs, provided you include the license statement and keep it intact. Please note, though, that we'd prefer it if you pushed your revolutionary anti-Microsoft open source bomb code back to the project, to help foster our growth and world dominance. (eg: drivers, performance benefits, etc).

See here

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