I can't figure out how to use plugs!


I'm in the process of creating my own operating system with Cosmos, but I have a problem.

I need help with plugs! So far I've managed to write my operating system using code that doesn't require plugs. But this makes my OS really limited. I can't even make it display the time! Also, I can only translate strings into integers, which means there is no way to calculate decimal numbers without getting the "plug needed" build error.

I don't quite understand how to "use" plugs in Cosmos. Development of my OS has been very delayed because I can hardly do anything. I'd definatly like someone to tell me how to use plugs the right way.

Thanks in advance!

By the way, I'm using Milestone 4 with Visual C# 2008. I tried using the latest version of Cosmos, but it wasn't any different.