Anyone figure out how to use the VGAscreen

Jan 28, 2009 at 8:22 PM
(using the VB.NET template)

 Public Shared Sub Init()
            'Boot your kernel
            Dim boot as New Cosmos.Sys.Boot
            'Your custom implementation
            Console.WriteLine("Welcome to COSMOS! You just booted VB.NET code!")
            Cosmos.Hardware.VGAScreen.SetPixel.Invoke(10,10, [what goes here?])
            ' Cosmos.Sys.Deboot.ShutDown()
End Sub

When I try converting a system.drawing.color to a UInt32, it refuses to build and eventually complains about not having any multidimensional array support yet. How do we use the VGAScreen?
Jan 29, 2009 at 9:19 AM

Please join our cosmos-dev discussion group (either at Yahoo-Groups, or via Gmane). This is where our development is discussed.

The VGA support is really still in a prototyping state (well, one level back than most of cosmos..... )

I'm not familiar with the VGA support at all, but i'm guessing that there's some initialization needed. Also, I remember something about issues with the current sources and VGA, due to the heap status display we currently have. Like I said, it's better to join the Cosmos-Dev discussion group. We can probably get you started. If I recall correctly, we had pixel-setting (like you are trying) already working.


Matthijs ter Woord